Sourashtri sahitya sammelano 07-03-2020 Saturday. venue: Sri Natana Gopala Nayaki Mandir. Chief guest Dr. R.B. Zala and Dr. Pasumpon aski tenu avo avo

An appeal

An Appeal

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you that I have started ‘Sourashtra Time’ through on-line as e-journal. I expect your regular support from all of you.

Similarly, I make an appeal to our valuable business magnets of the community to release their advertisements in support of and for the ultimate success of this e-journal.

The sourashtratime e-journal will be brought out in such a way to attract all sections of the community.

Now we start demo our e-journal which is you may watch from I expect your valuable comments and suggestions. Advertisements may please be sent to my mail id: and Please also contact me in my mobile Nos. 98650 40447, 80988 40447

For advertisement enquiries please make a call to any one of the above mobile nos. I will also collect the advertisement materials from you in person.


Thanking you

Sincerely Yours

S.D. Gnaneswaran

User Comments

Wonderful thinking. Best of luck

J.Jayaprakash, Sabha Secretary Rasipuram

மாயி பா4ஷொ ஸௌராஷ்ட்ரி ஹொட3த்திஸொ கெருவே மொன்னுனும் தோணுனும் ஸேத்தெ வத்தான் அக்ஷர்னும் அனுவே ஸாஹித்யமுனு, ஸர்வ கலானு, எமாம் கெரி பொ4வ்ருவே அவன் சொக்கட் தோ2ருகு எல்லெ பொ4ரித3ம்கன் தெ3வ்வெ.

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