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The internet has changed customer shopping behavior and rapid change in technology, telecom infrastructure development in India has made accessing internet easier than ever. Easy availability of mobile internet and smart phones at a very affordable cost has increased mobile internet users. This has created an opportunity for the small and medium businesses to make their business presence online and can reach a huge target of potential customers.

Online business listing directory is a powerful platform for small and medium businesses to make online visibility, maximize exposure of business and position their products and services among the leading businesses. Maximizing exposure gives more customers from various regions nationally and globally. People search online business directories, so your business will be noticed even if it is small, local, regional, big or international.

Changes or corrections and additions regarding business are easier and simple in online business listing directory which is not possible in printed business directory.

Keep your customers engaged using social media and get new customers through website, email, online adverts, etc and keep the customers updated regarding your product and services. Many customers access internet on the move using smart phones and tablets. Business can offer clear and consistent product/service information to the internet users. Your business is easily reachable by the internet users from all over the world. Business to business collaboration is easily possible through business listing directory.

An e-commerce website is a simpler and cost effective way of selling product or services to the customers. A separate ecommerce website for each small or medium business will be expensive but lesser than the conventional way of selling. A small or medium business can register them as a seller in one or more online market place such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Amazon, ebay, big basket, etc and can showcase their products to the huge number of registered users of the online market place. This helps business to reach a huge potential market at a very low cost.

A proper online marketing strategy and execution of the same will take small and medium businesses to global markets.

Why we need an Online Business… Listing Directory for Sourashtratime readers and advertiser.

  • Business directory listing is a major aspect of online marketing
  • Free traffic generator for sourashtratime readers.
  • Targeted lead generation
  • Business networking platform
  • Inexpensive and effective way to increase online visibility and customer footfall
  • Direct advertising exposure
  • Direct visitors from the online business directories are the most targeted and ready to buy web traffic.

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Kumaran PS
Ameskon harbam keri chaltho keratho kestam hoyayi, thengojoval jiyath commision jukku deno podai. hoyath backend support adverisment meni labun aunko jukko podai. theka hall ami thella site sero cheri beharnun kereth chokkat meni mogo lavaras.
Krish Pathy, Bangalore
English-um chokkaD likkiraas. 'vattaa bhandinin' pattiyalum yE khalle sE. isaan novvo vishyamun aski holle, uncho avattekaani marchet suLuvkan vekkidheran musai.
Santharam T.R.
Make use of this online platform for promoting your sales. Very cost effective
Vijayan Mfc
SITCON Madurai m July 31 & 1,2 August chalariyio. Thellam snapdeal rhi Vatho kerariyo. .. avasiyam avi savo.
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